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014-391 Power Hoist-A-Topô for TARGA/3 Piece After Market Tops


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  • Model: 014-391
  • Shipping Weight: 42lbs
  • 999 Units in Stock


Power Hoist-A-Topô for TARGA/3 Piece After Market Tops

Parts Included:

1 Power Unit1
2 Hoist Frame T Section 1
3 Frame Arms 2
4 Center Frame Arm with Balance Slide 1
5 Eye Bolt 1/2" with lag screw end 2
6 Screws #4 6
7 End Caps 3
8 Nylon Capture Nuts 3/8" 3
9 Rubber Coated J Hooks 2
10 Rubber Coated L Hook 1
12 Foam Top Protectors 3
11 Eye Bolt 3/8" shorty 1

Product Details:014-391

This hardtop hoist is the one. Easy one person operation makes the job"child's play". Rugged construction and a powerful safety-featured lifting device are included. Your top will not require any modifications to use this hoist. Rubber coated hooks and foam covered hardware protect your valuable hardtops finish. The high-tensile steel cable design should not be confused with cheaper rope and pulley hardtop hoists sold elsewhere.

Hoist-a-Topô uses an incredibly strong steel frame that quickly attaches to your vehicle top. There is nothing to drill or attach to your top. A specially designed cable pulling mechanism then lifts your top to the ceiling in your garage or carport for convenient, out-of-the-way storage. It takes only about three minutes to remove your top, by yourself. Replacing it is just as easy. Hoist-a-Topô is a complete turnkey system. Installation is simple and their custom systems come complete with excellent installation instructions. No more pulled muscles, strained backs, dropped or damaged tops, or pinched fingers. Best of all, you don't have to find a group of people to help every time! Hoist-a-Topô is available with a manual or power lift. A Hoist-a-Topô Power Unit upgrade is available for owners of the manual Hoist-a-Topô that want the convenience of a power lift.

Fits Vehicles:

76-06 Jeeps with aftermarket 2-piece tops

Fits Garages:

Ceiling Height 7-36ft

Installation Time:

1-2 Hours

Installation Instructions: Not Online

Installation Diffuculty:

Tools Needed:

Electric drill with 3/8" bit,
Phillips screw driver,
adjustable wrench,
Measuring tape & pencil

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I order just the " T frame " section with hooks and slide?

A: The manual unit consists of this "T frame" section and Power Puller unit. The Power Puller (come-along) represents very little of the kit, and wouldn't result in significant savings. The easiest and cheapest way to get the kit in a situation where you don't require a lifting mechanism is to order the manual version of that hoist.

Q: I have a 12-20 foot ceiling. Why can't I use the manual hoist?

A: We use specialty "Power Pullers" that are licensed and insured for lifting, for this reason they are only allowed 13 feet of cable and require at least three wraps of cable on the drum for safe operation. Due to the lack of more cable, the manual version is not recommended for use in garages over 10 ft. Customers wishing to use this hoist should purchase a power version; it includes 40 ft of cable.

Q: Does the hard top spin when stored?

A: When balanced the hard top does not spin. The hard top, however, can be rotated to avoid obstructions, or raised to a higher level while still attached to the Hoist-A-Topô.

Targa Hoist A Top

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 27 August, 2008.