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Jeep Racks- Jeep Canoe/Bike/Kayak Racks

The Rig-A-Racktm Multi Purpose Rack For Jeep Wrangler

The Rack is different from other overhead racks for Jeep. It was designed to accommodate your hardtop or folding soft top, as well as to do a great job with your cargo! No bars running from front to rear to interfere with your top. Sturdy front and rear sections are self supporting, and feature quick releases to attach & remove each section in seconds. Attaches to existing windshield bolts at the front, and to spare tire at the rear. Perfect for canoes, kayaks and even plywood. Made of durable black epoxy painted steel to resist corrosion. This rack includes front support bar and bike/support spare tire mount for rear. And all the mounting hardware for bikes.

This design also requires no-drilling
Note: This Rack does not recomend transporting of kayaks without the large or small kayak attachment. The Rack is made to order and can take up to 3 weeks manufacturing time.

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Rig a Rack tm 2 Place Bike Rack For Jeep

This bike rack is perfect for the biking enthusiast. The bike mount vertically on the rack. We were tired of scratches as a result of other horizontal mounts. This rack mounts on the spare tire and includes all the hardware to install without drilling or special tools. Perfect for spur of the moment trips, mounts in seconds.

The difference between this rack and the multi-purpose rack is this rack does not come with front mounting hardware.

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Large and Small Kayak Mount For Rig-A-Racktm

The Large and small kayak options are made for use with the Multi Purpose Rack System. The large option includes adjusting cushioned vertical restraints that clamp in place, molded foam to support the base.
The small option includes a foam base and mounting restraints.
Note: These items are for use only with the Multi Purpose Rack.

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Mirror-A-Mirrortm for Rig-A-Racktm Owners
This item has been discontinued and is only available through special order by calling the factory.
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